Friday, 29 April 2011

Structural posters.


I seem to have invented this phrase: structural posters, which is basically a series of photographs that I have taken on my SLR generally in the back alleys in the cities Manchester and London. The term is my way of explaining how i see the world in photographs, I tend to view cities in shapes that to me balance each other to make an interesting photograph transforming the 3d world into a flat 2d composition. I was focusing on poster art at the time and I did plan to insert illustration and text to make the 'poster' bit a little more apparent but then I thought maybe it is more alternative if these are displayed next to all my other versions of 2d posters to suggest how we frame our cities in terms of what is hidden and rarely framed as aesthetically pleasing. I suppose that really I was just exploring why i find these images interesting to the eye , so I focused primarily on lines and framing , lineal shapes, 'closed-up' windows, reflections and the idea of closed areas in general.

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