Saturday, 30 April 2011


King of pop art, surrealist and general creative genius on 2d and 3d practise. One of my main inspirations. His collages and screen prints are bold and unapologetic in composition, using a variety of image combinations and overt colour schemes. In the documentary it is suggested that he was inspired by futurism and science fiction themes , shown through his sculpture that combines man and machines. May of his sculptures access the figure and condition of the human form.

His inspiration: The cinema, time, fragmentation, cigarette cards that he collected whilst working in the family shop: the visual connections between images: the audience forced to make these.

His early work: cutting up and reassembling 'Time' magazine which formed the basis for his later collages.

It's really strange because he collected images since being young, like i do and he won't stick them down if both sides are nice and that's often my problem..i have too many loose ones too.

He questioned machines and people, the idea of robots versus humans, how far is a human naturally a machine? he asked these kinds of questions. Themes of our relationship with the pop culture and technological environment.

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