Monday, 22 November 2010

Collages on metal: it just happened.

I was sewing ideas for the Mary Gregg project (which i will post next) and i got bored,so i started thinking...hmmmm,what would metal look like with things sewn on it, i had some images left over from collages and i combined these with bits of printed accetate and material to create these little pieces. they aren't amazing but i think it's an idea i could expand and improve onto different materials and scales using shocking or found imagery. x

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Textural inspiration for a material installation...

My main idea for the Mary Greg project is to create a material installation,which can be projected onto,that people can walk into and feel as though they are being transported around the off- access areas of platt hall. The film will include close up images of the material of the dresses in the collection,as this is one of my main focuses and the installation would be hand sown using fragile almost transparent and withered yet heavily layered material,inspired by the images i captured of the thin night dresses and lace. i have just learnt how to use a sewing machine and also different hand-stitching techniques and have been experimenting with layering of material,i prefer hand-stitching as i can manipulate the material. I have always been interested in creating fragile,almost slightly ugly and withered looking pieces using white and cream material with other materials.

Areas Im thinking of using at PlaTT hall

Ive thought of a few well...maybe more than a few ideas as to events,exhibitions and organisation of the collection.
- Projection: a walk-in installation like a virtual tour of the off access areas, so the public can see them, i would use 3 or 4 walls or embroidered,fragile fabrics to back project onto and also atmospheric sound.
-projection into the chests and wardrobe spaces.
- performances of the letters in the space.
-one day performances and an exhibiton outside in the grounds and an exhibition using boxes to show the mass of the collection.
- a photography exhibition in the staircase area.
- workshops with families -'create and swap your own collection.'
- display the collection in themed rooms,like a dolls house.
i think there a few more up there aswell. =)

Mary Mary Quite Contrary Gregg project

BRIEF: Create an idea/ideas of how to exhibit the Mary Greg Collection, a collection dating back to the early 1900s,including dresses,childs shoes,umberellas and adornments, consider how to display the collection and the off access areas to the public. This is a project alongside Manchester art gallery,they basically just want ideas of how to make the public excited and interested in the collection if plans go ahead to exhibit it at Platt hall. I took quite a few photos that have helped me consider the layout and atmophere of Platt hall, i focuse dparticularly on worn and fragile materials and objects,old empty bottles and perfume boxes and the spaces in the building.

DrawingS and cOllages created of late.

Having seen some amazing illustrations by my friends last year, i went on a bit of a rampage to create my own and I've got a bit obsessed lately with collage and adding drawn elements,using found images.My room is like a sea of paper,with images put in a queue system and I'm constantly collaging when i see images anywhere. its not too out of hand though. I enjoy using images in old newspapers and combining these with my own drawings,photography or photography i find in magazines,on leaflets or on the street.I'm still developing my drawing and i am also starting to see common themes and style within all my I'm going to continue collecting images..if anyone has any cool ones feel free to send them to me.=)I've had to put all this on hold lately to focus on the Mary Gregg project,i can't wait to get back to it.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Karol (the model) spotted this text so we had a pit stop for a photo.

some of my favourite liverpool treats. ;)

tehching hsieh : one year performance.

this guy is HARDCORE,he is dedicated to his performance works and carries out these life affecting performance pieces that last for a year,such as his 'outdoor piece' for which he stayed outside and used the outdoors as his home. I don't think i will ever really do anything quite as extreme as that,that is dedication to the cause.He alters how we perceive performance ,as he says that for him the performance is what he experiences emotionally and physically not simply the act itself.

The day of liverpool a was intense.