Sunday, 24 October 2010

Karol (the model) spotted this text so we had a pit stop for a photo.

some of my favourite liverpool treats. ;)

tehching hsieh : one year performance.

this guy is HARDCORE,he is dedicated to his performance works and carries out these life affecting performance pieces that last for a year,such as his 'outdoor piece' for which he stayed outside and used the outdoors as his home. I don't think i will ever really do anything quite as extreme as that,that is dedication to the cause.He alters how we perceive performance ,as he says that for him the performance is what he experiences emotionally and physically not simply the act itself.

The day of liverpool a was intense.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

European breakdance championships my friend!

My two obssesions : dance/performance and art. so i thought its free..i have a camera! i have to i got the tram to the lowry. By a twist of fate me and my flat mate also ended up getting free tickets to a streetdance show on that night.
i love photographing dancers even though its difficult. i didnt realise how difficult it would be to capture a breakdancer in comparison to contemporary dance movement. i definatley need more 'sports photography' practise, i watched a programme on ch5 the other night about it,the expert was explaining how when you photograph moving objects you have to think about everything..the background,colours and you have to predetermine what the 'thing' is going to do that is all logged for future reference. i did get some okay photos though. have a butchers. -x-

Freeforarts.....indeed it is.

I was really intrigued by the freeforarts festival in manchester and wanted to get involved and i emailed the second year organisers and was invited to photograph the 'Sydney street picture house' film screening at sandbar last friday.I hadn't used my camera for a few weeks and im still not 100% on the variety of alterations needed for each tiny difference in lighting+projection+candles+moving people+ darkness.... so at first it was all going 'tits up' to put it nicely, then i got the hang of it and a friendly photographer man appeared. The films were amazing,really creative and it was mainly the animations that just demanded your attention,the use of colour and the narrative made me want to just animate loads. Some of the films were like new age music videos,shot in vivid black and white and using interesting shot angles completely opposite to this little stop motion animation of stickmen and ladies that was just PROPER FUNNY to put it blatantly northern. so yes. that was a busy day -x-

he wore a wig..i took the photos.

Week 2 Iarts : the p.a.r.t.y. project. Brief:organise a party to be held in an area of the studio,work within a delegated theme. Our theme was SPY. We got stuck in.Plastic wine glasses,spy outfits,black backdrop and photos of members of the course + taped conversations,newspapers with appropriate eye holes Me and Karol decided to take our theme onto oxford road. he wore a wig..i took the photos. -x-

Iarts Game project

i had to create a game for 6 people that was new..inventive etc. i create a really good game to do with noise and layers of sound,made a quite attractive little handout and then when it came to play the game i forgot the complete workings of the game and it failed miserably...nevertheless im pleased with the armless people on the handout.-x-

Finally...i have an actual blog,i managed to fight off my many technological difficulties to create this piece of genius....hmm

now begins an onslaught of images and blabber