Tuesday, 16 August 2011

MISC's first exhibition.

MISC stands for miscellaneous, the nature of our collaborative yet artistically independent group ethos, there are currently approximately 10 people in the group but we exhibit on a first come,first served basis depending on the individual artists. Through a member of the group working with an event called 'Manchester art crawl' showed as part of the 'not part of festival' and fringe to the world famous international arts festival in Manchester; we were able to gain a space and 2 week exhibiting platform in the 'Mooch art gallery,' in Manchester's graffiti filled Stevenson square.

There was no general theme as we all had work that complemented each others style, so we split the group into two, the first three artists exhibiting from 2/07/2011 - 8/07/2011. James and myself then exhibited illustration based works from the 9/07/2011- 15/07/2011. The process was quite...enlightening, as you soon realise that putting up an exhibition is never a straight forward experience and outside of university this is even more apparent. Difficult shop assistants, a gallery full of furniture and various large objects and also lights hot enough to melt steel. However, despite the cons, actually knowing my work was up in Manchester city centre with people's confused expressions gazing upon it..really did make me realise that it's all worth it.

Here are some images of our exhibition 9/07/2011-15/07/2011 with a link to the tumblr.