Sunday, 10 October 2010

Freeforarts.....indeed it is.

I was really intrigued by the freeforarts festival in manchester and wanted to get involved and i emailed the second year organisers and was invited to photograph the 'Sydney street picture house' film screening at sandbar last friday.I hadn't used my camera for a few weeks and im still not 100% on the variety of alterations needed for each tiny difference in lighting+projection+candles+moving people+ darkness.... so at first it was all going 'tits up' to put it nicely, then i got the hang of it and a friendly photographer man appeared. The films were amazing,really creative and it was mainly the animations that just demanded your attention,the use of colour and the narrative made me want to just animate loads. Some of the films were like new age music videos,shot in vivid black and white and using interesting shot angles completely opposite to this little stop motion animation of stickmen and ladies that was just PROPER FUNNY to put it blatantly northern. so yes. that was a busy day -x-

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