Saturday, 13 November 2010

Areas Im thinking of using at PlaTT hall

Ive thought of a few well...maybe more than a few ideas as to events,exhibitions and organisation of the collection.
- Projection: a walk-in installation like a virtual tour of the off access areas, so the public can see them, i would use 3 or 4 walls or embroidered,fragile fabrics to back project onto and also atmospheric sound.
-projection into the chests and wardrobe spaces.
- performances of the letters in the space.
-one day performances and an exhibiton outside in the grounds and an exhibition using boxes to show the mass of the collection.
- a photography exhibition in the staircase area.
- workshops with families -'create and swap your own collection.'
- display the collection in themed rooms,like a dolls house.
i think there a few more up there aswell. =)

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