Friday, 15 April 2011

Blue Link : Link gallery exhibition

My work ' Space is blue,' was exhibited as part of this exhibition from the 4th-8th of April 2011. The theme of the exhibition was ' blue' the only criteria that the work had to be blue.
The work is an image of a star or possibly the sun, with an overlay of an energy graph or possibly a seismic map, the details are hazy as not only do I have an odd memory but once I see an image ripe for the collage I often get over excited. I often use image juxtapositions in my collages that are subjective and when this work was recently shown in an exhibition at my university, I had a lot of feedback about my ' blue fingerprint work,' which pleased me actually, because It showed that people had interpreted this blue shape in their own way.
I've been asked quite a few times ...'what is the meaning/drive/ purpose behind this image?' The truth is that I am currently obsessed with sci-fi iconography and space, sparked by my discovery of approximately100 'science and telescope magazines.' It amazes me how subjective our individualized idea of space can be. The images of these far way exploding stars made me question how we perceive our world as stopping at the clouds, some of us don't even think that far, for some the positioning of their world stops at Tesco or Spain in the summer. When reading these 'Science and telescope' magazines I realised that I had actually forgotten we are simply floating around aimlessly in space, which amuses me but terrifies me and in some way I suppose the work in its abstract and hopefully subjective nature was aimed at highlighting how we fail to recognise the presence of a vast space surrounding us.
I also only ten to use very bold or slightly de-saturated colour, in this case I wanted to create an almost undefined image by changing the colour of the star/sun from deep orange and red to bright blue with a white background to make people further question what the image actually represents.

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