Sunday, 10 April 2011

aNISH kAPOOR at Manchester art gallery

Anish Kapoor: Flashback: 5th March 2011- 5th June 2011 His first major show outside London WITH No photography allowed and 1 pounds for a information leaflet (which i did consider stealing.) This show felt more like an interactive event then a traditional exhibition because Kapoor played with the space, using our perception and making us question how the work had been installed and conceived..also asking us to question how our eyes and consciousness perceive differently. The exhibition was full of energy,excitement and mental challenge. Kapoor has been one of my favourite international ,contemporary artists since i became an art student. His work is usually bold in presence and colour, it holds a definite presence in the room whilst he plays with space,shape and colour. His work is surreal, realistic and definite in its shape, he often questions the possibilities of materials such as the texture of paint/its' structure but is also sometimes quite futuristic in his shapes and use of reflective metal. His work crosses the boundaries of sculpture, installation and interactive art.

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