Friday, 29 April 2011

Photo graphics research: Juxtapositioning.

Michal Batory

Werner Jeker

Leonardo Sonnoli

I got quite a few books out at the library, including a book mainly in german that contains a collection of poster art that uses photography or 'photo graphics' in innovative way released by the Museum fur gestaltung Zurich and written largely by Bertina Richter, in 2008 (please excuse the phrasing and punctuation or lack of it.) The book belongs to a series of books on poster art that focus on a particular style, e.g, typography or abstract. The 'photo-graphics' book caught my attention as it appeals directly to my own style and really captures me in how the posters are composed in terms of randomness and boldness. My practise revolves around the principle of collage and the combining of seemingly odd or non aesthetically pleasing images or text, movements etc. Ive included a few of my favourite posters as examples of my inspiration.

its funny actually, there are a lot of photographs of open mouths used!

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