Monday, 11 April 2011

Random crab: public project one

Sheepskin St Ann:

As part of my interest in poster art at present, me and Karol (as our collaboration Random crab) decided to create an installation in St Anne's square in Manchester's designer boutique area. We used old, smelly circular sections of sheepskin rugs which were also spray painted bright pink and stuck these on the top of 11 concrete balls in the square,covering quite a large area, so the installation was unmissable.

We strive as a collaboration to create public interest and give them a spectacle outside of their everyday experience of the landscape,that thing that makes you think or alters your day. After completing the 'sticking on' we sat in the Starbucks overlooking the work to watch public reaction and photographed the work. When we returned 3 hours later the council was removing the least we didn't get caught. our next project is bronze shoes and a blow up sofa.

This work ties in with my poster art project, i am trying to display how i see poster art not only as 2d and commercial as through my research i found it is much more than that. over the next 2/3 weeks i will installing a few things with and without my partner in crime as part of my work.

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