Saturday, 30 April 2011

Documentaries to refresh a saggy brain..

'The genuis of british art'

' How to get a head in sculpture' :
No longer available on iplayer unfortunately but this docu was really interesting and inspiring as David Thewlis ( actor) has sculpture of his head created by 3 very different sculptures and it is intriguing to see how these artists see the purpose and intention of a portrait in terms of what it represents or conveys. The sculptor that intrigued me the most was an artist whose name i cannot find who creates small scale sculptures of the essence of the person that actually look nothing like them, it is their soul,energy and personality he tries to convey, for example white actor Thewlis was recreated as a bald headed man from African descent but strangely i could actually see Thewlis in this sculpture which i thought was amazing!

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