Sunday, 9 January 2011

Illustration inspiration: some pretty darn good work in this book ive got: Taschen illustration now 3.

I bought the 2nd edition of this book last year before i started my foundation diploma and found illustrators such as Adreas Gefe (1966)....who is amazing. I started illustrating after i saw his work in the book,he works as a comic artist and illustrator in Zurich.His work is surreal yet true to life and his use of colours creates a really intense atmosphere in his work,i enjoy warped ideas and using illustration as a means to display a truthful,human narrative but also test the boundaries unlike you could in real life. It was Gefes' use of slightly over sized heads that i think must have influenced me alot because i started drawing Egon schiele style bodies of odd proportion and didn't even realise i had been impacted by his work so obviously until i re-researched his illustration.
So....Ive got this new book,the 3rd edition,it is a lot different to the 2nd edition,there's much more obviously computer aided illustration included,there's some really good work in there such as,SEOUNGHYON CHO (1976)who is a Korean born illustrator living and working in New's very difficult to find any info on his inspiration but the book quotes,' stories are continually unfolding around us.i try to listen carefully and describe the details of the world through my own unique perspective.' He uses encaustic wax in his work which gives it this scratchy appearance,with some of his work in only sepia tones and really detailed,telling complex stories but still managing to keep it slightly odd.this is what i want to achieve,i think i prefer more hand drawn illustration than soley computer aided but i do want to use photoshop to improve the clarity of my work and maybe try illustrator,i don't think creating my work soley on these packcages is the direction i want to go in at the moment.hmmm.i might change my mind though.who knows!

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