Sunday, 9 January 2011


I've just stumbled,well...more like broken my leg tripping over this information:

Siobhan davies related performances in the whitworth across the road from me!!

'Siobhan Davies Dance presents ROTOR, an ensemble of performances, sound, installations and artworks which fills Siobhan Davies Studios. Following The Collection, presented last year at Victoria Miro Gallery and Ikon Eastside, Siobhan Davies further extends her connections with other disciplines and commissions nine artists to make, in their own art form, work based on ideas generated by dance and choreography.'

It doesn't surprise me that Davies is working within this mixed media context as she actually went to art school and dropped out to become a dancer,she also heavily involves art and film in her practise,her work is intrinsic to my practise as a dancer and i can't wait to go and see this as artists display their own interpretations of the work.

Thurs & Fri 6-9pm, Weds, Sat & Sun 1-4pm
Performances begin Thurs & Fri 6.20pm & 7.40pm, Weds, Sat & Sun 1.20pm & 2.40pm

free entry, no booking required

The Whitworth Art Gallery, Oxford Road, Manchester M15 6ER

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