Friday, 18 March 2011

Timeline exhibition: LINK gallery: Manchester

My contribution: 'I heard a man die'
I particularly like the mirror installed by my friend to suggest the present in 2011 and how you can never really capture the now. The future: I attached a acetate copy of an image of victims of war to suggest that man will be the reason for his slow demise.
Timeline exhibiton>
In the Art school we were given the opportunity to be involved in an exhibition,which involved us simply choosing a year between approximately 1970-onwards as far into the future as we desired. I wanted to create a poster due to my current project but as i was aware that an image was preferred i decided to use a recent event that effected me and use black,bold, illustrated text against a white background to attract the viewers. The event was based on an incident that happened outside my flat in which a man was knocked over and killed. It effected me because i heard the impact and the crying screams of his family and it really made me think about how people react to other people grief. I kept the work simplistic in design and to the point. I enjoyed being part of such open an interestingly individual yet fluent timeline.

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