Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The adventures of Darius and Downey. . .

My most recent book find.

Darius and Downey are street artists that are the main focus of a book i recently bought at the 'CUBE' gallery,manchester. The artists use satire and public space in built up,popular commuter areas to question our everday,subscripted surroundings and also how we view the very nature of art practise. I think of this as alternative poster art, it conveys a ,message and intention to the public in the urban area... but not a conventional message. I love how it can be as random,non-scensical and philosophical as you like,as i am not really a graphics student,i'm fine arty through and through and i find it difficulat to advertise. Darius and Downey intrigued me because they change the shapes and usefullness of usually un-noticed public objects ,such as, signs,bins, symbols and crossing aids. One of my favourite works is a pelican crossing on which they have bent the lights in towards each toher and on another split one down the middle. I'm not quite sure how they do what they do without being caught...unless they have permission???

I'd like to use these principles but start on a smaller scale, as RANDOM CRAB ( my collaboration with Karol.) We plan to use the city as a canvas for some small scale projects. We also hope to continue this project through summer,hopefully this would be become a side project.

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