Friday, 18 March 2011

The Great Glastonbury walk!

My current boyfriend and his best friend are planning an event to take place in June 2011,during which festival goers will walk from Manchester to Glastonbury festival and then attend the festival. They are hoping to also make each stop in different cities an event/mini festival experience in itself .They are very keen on incorporating photography and sculpture/installation, artists,musicians and performers. I have been appointed as "head of art" and we are currently in the process of making the experience a reality. However, i am simply the artist! So..they asked me to take a series of photographs (my first task), out of which another artist would use one or two to create an illustrated poster. So this is one of the first poster drafts with a few of the original photographs. This will be a series of posters and we are hoping to follow this by creating ironic outdoor/indoor sets to communicate the outdoors festival 'vibe' and these photographs would be much more humorous and ironic to capture interest.
I enjoyed this task,despite its simplicity and very restricting brief ( which i am not used to in regards to portrait photography,) as i was able to work to a brief that forced me to think less about the photographic output and more about how the poster designer could use the images. Therefore i was able to use my knowledge of poster art, illustration and photography.

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