Sunday, 13 February 2011

ROTOR: The Whitworth ART gallery.

The work existed in 2 beautiful sections.1) A performance of ROTOR: the choreography by Siobhan Davies and the basis of the exhibited work by some of the worlds most well known artists. 2) the exhibition: 2 floor of diverse yet similar work,using the concepts of shapes,time and circularity on the performance.

The exhibition wasn't quite as varied in media as I'd hoped. I thought that perhaps the artists may have pushed the boundaries of inter media art,perhaps i expected more film work an less screen prints. My favourite works included, a large wall hanging of quite optical jarring patterns. Also the Eduardo Luigi Paolozzi prints,as a fan of the artist prior,i felt that the connection between the work and the prints,if not very clear,was present and in particular i just enjoyed the mono-tone,futuristic style of the work,which is my main interest at the present. The exhibition included rotating sculpture,fragmented yet connected sculpture,not to be rude but it was quite dull yet strangely interesting but is that because i knew the subject matter which interested me anyway,I'm not sure. The 2d prints of kaleidoscopic style patterns seemed quite common and i felt that perhaps the works use of sound and human gestures could have been interpreted instead of simply the circular floor patterns at the beginning,which stood out as a common method of translation.
The performance:
Really enjoyed this! The choreography was typical yet far removed from Davies's style, perhaps this was personal to me,as i have never seen her works live only ever past filmed theatre videos. I found the performance much more physical theatre based yet using the principles of intricately woven movements combined with voice percussion with beautiful harmonies, harmonicas, body percussion,walking, animated and extroverted expressions. This choreography gave me ideas for how i can choreograph but without using simply dance based movements and gestures but voice, silence,speed dynamics and the idea of conveying recognisable settings in an abstract yet clear manner.

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