Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Fishle: New poster art work

My current project is poster art and different forms of visual public art work in cities.(i'll post a little research up next) I hope to transfer my own visuals onto objects,clothes etc and discard them in and around manchester city centre. I'm not sure if this will work out and i've had quite a few other ideas,so at the moment i am soley working on the visuals i will use. I had this one idea to sew of transfer my visuals onto material and hand them over bins and benches,sew them around lamposts,bins and locks in public toilets. I created the works on this post using a scanner,my own drawings,collages and edited them using the scanner software + photoshop. I hope to use these images as part of a zine also ,however ,my next step is to use screenprinting and letterpress and possible create smaller version to be used as sticker art.

tHEmes THAT i am exploring are: Surrealism,futurism,sci-fi,space images,creatures and layering.

Hopefully i'll be exhibiting a couple at a poster party soon.....

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